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Troi Torain aka STAR is an African/Italian American radio and television personality. Troi Torain is 5 feet and 7 inches tall — he is also heterosexual. Troi was born on May 3rd 1964 and was raised in Scotch Plains New Jersey. Troi attended public and private schools and was very active in Hockey, Motocross and Football during his formative years.

Troi is the youngest of two boys and often speaks about his great childhood in the suburbs. Troi Torain moved to Brooklyn, NY in 1981 and then re-located to Manhattan (Washington Heights) during his last year of high-school. During the 80’s Troi also played bass guitar in Rock & Roll bands and eventually found his way to working in the MTV mailroom.

In the winter of 87 Troi moved to Martha’s Vineyard to make repairs on the family summer home in Oak Bluffs. Also, during that period Troi found time to absorb Ayn Rand’s philosophy Objectivism and the music of his favorite band RUSH.

In the spring of 89 Troi returned to NYC and began working as a marketing rep for WEA (Warner Electra Atlantic). During the 90’s Troi Torain became National director for Virgin Records and bounced around between different record labels as a promotion executive.

Also, in the nineties Torain started publishing his own magazine “Around The Way” which led to appearances on Donohue, Geraldo, Ricki Lake and other mainstream platforms. In 1995 Troi Torain signed an exclusive deal with the SOURCE magazine where he developed the characters Star & Buc Wild via his Reality Check column. In the spring of 1998 Troi produced the Star & Buc Wild show with his half-brother Timothy Joseph on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Television.

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In 1999 Star & Buc Wild joined MTV to host the daily “Beat Suite” show.  In March of 2000 Star & Buc Wild signed on with NY radio station HOT97 to host the morning show.  Over the next two decades Star would go on to become one of urban medias most electric personalities via Clear Channel, Hip Hop Weekly, Pulse 87, VH1, VLADTV, Radio One, Dash Radio, Complex Media (Everyday Struggle), YouTube (The Star Report), and most recently Beasley Broadcast Group.

Philanthropy – Troi Torain is the founder and CEO of The Snitch Network. The (501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Organization promotes community growth while improving relations between civilians and law enforcement nationwide. The Snitch Network also works to improve the way information is collected and used regarding law enforcement’s use of force.

Business – Since 2001 Troi Torain has been a land developer and sole proprietor of a trailer park community in Hazleton Pennsylvania. In 2017 he sold the business and relocated to Atlanta Georgia to explore new opportunities. Troi Torain is also a current shareholder and private investor in supermarkets in the state of New Jersey.

Residence As of July 2023 Troi Torain now lives in Stone Harbor, NJ. His net worth is 6.5 million (domestic).

Special Recognitions:

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  • 1990 BRE: Virgin Records appoints Troi Torain to National Director Alternative R&B
  • 1994 The NY Daily News: Sex, rap drive growth of new mag for teens
  • 1995 The SOURCE Magazine: exclusive writing agreement for the Reality Check column
  • 1999 New York Press: Wild In The Streets – Star & Buc Wild on Public-access television 
  • 1999 New York Magazine (Beat the Rap)
  • 2000 XXL Magazine: BUCK WHYLIN
  • 2000 The New York Times: Hip-Hop Meets Its Match
  • 2001 Billboard Airplay Monitor nomination – Star & Buc Wild Show (Hot 97)
  • 2001 XXL Magazine: Year End Issue (Public Enemy #1)
  • 2001 SPIN Magazine: Let Hate Rule (Star & Buc Wild)
  • 2001 The NY Post: Nasty As They Wanna be
  • 2002 R & B Airplay Monitor: Hot 97’s Star Takes On Controversy
  • 2002 GEAR Magazine: Diss Is The Life
  • 2002 The NJ Star Ledger: Hot97 Dj happy to have a few nasty things to say
  • 2002 Time Out New York: Star interviews Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson from his favorite band RUSH
  • 2003 The Next Level Magazine Cover story: Star & Buc Wild
  • 2005 United States Air Force award for Special Recruiting Services
  • 2005 Billboard Radio Montor: Behind The Scenes Of Star & Buc Wild
  • 2006 LGBTQ Award: Outstanding Support Of The Ballroom Community
  • 2007 VIBE Magazine feature story on STAR’s book – Objective Hate
  • 2009 Radio & Records: Star & Buc Wild bring their brand to VLAD TV
  • 2009 Hip Hop DX: Star & Buc Wild – Food & Liquor
  • 2010 Insomniac Magazine: Star & Buc Wild Continue to Shine
  • 2011 News One inductee “The Top 20 Best Black Radio Jockeys Of All Time”
  • 2012 Philadelphia Weekly Cover story – Message To The Hood: Start Snitching
  • 2017 Signature Entertainment Group award for breaking the Africa Bambaataa sexual scandal
  • 2020 NYPD award for contributing to the conviction of Lloyd Kidd In Manhattan Federal Court for Sex Trafficking
  • 2020 Geeks Vocal Media – Ride Time: The Story About The Star Report

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